Welcome to the SynsCOP-15 Forum

This forum offers an opportunity to interact and discuss with the SynsCOP-15 modeling team.

To access the forum, you must be registered. If it is not the case, please send a request by e-mail to contact at ordecsys dot com with the title "synscop15 forum registration".


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Organisation of the forum:

The forum is organised in categories, such as:

  • General: contains the discussions concerning the topics of SynsCOP-15 and the information request about the use of this internet site.
  • COP-15: contains discussions concerning the negotiations of COP-15 (Copenhaguen) and their results.
  • After COP-15: contains the discussions concerning the follow-up of COP-15 (Copenhaguen) and the preparation of COP-16 (Mexico).
  • Special requests: contains questions concerning specific modeling issues and requests for new possible simulations.

User guide:

The forum has several tabs :

  • Discussions : contains all the discussions you have access to.
  • Categories : allows a direct access to a discussion in a given category.
  • Search : permits you to find a category, discussion or user from key words.
  • Account : permits you to modify your password and personal informations.